Saturday, July 30, 2005

Federal Escape Triathlon

I got to the airport at SJC the day before without an allen wrench and wasn't able to take apart my bicycle! So I flew up that night san bike and borrowed an old clunker bike to do the race.

The swim start was delayed to allow the sprint triathletes to go first - a last minute change. The lake was smooth and warm, ideal swimming conditions. I got out of the water in just under nine minutes for the quarter mile. Not great - but not bad for me. I felt good on the gently rolling hills of the bike course. After a sub one minute T2, I ran a 22:10 5K - pretty slow I guess. I finished in 1:09:55, good for fifth.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wharf to Wharf

I didn't get a number for this race (couldnt find a place to get one on race day). But I did accompany my friend Charlie on his first roadrace. To calm day I tried to stop for a beer every few miles. Luckily with all of the mercados in Santa Cruz this is an easy thing to do.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Santa Cruz Sprint Triathlon

This triathlon is held at the Seascape Resort where we do all of our company offsites. I was on vacation with my kids in Santa Cruz through the 9th anyway. So I stayed an extra day and drove down the Seascape Sunday morning.

I got there a bit late and had to scramble down to the beach for the start. It was a beautiful sunny morning with smooth glassy water. I was out of the water and back up the hill to the bike in 26 minutes. The times are very misleading because there's quite a run back up to T1. The 20K bike was through the residential neighborhood around Seascape and into a park just south of it. A nice ride overall. I finished in 39:49.

The 5K run was great: down a hill onto the beach, along the beach for a couple miles and then back up the hill to the field beside Seascape. For some reason I wasnt feeling very competitive that day and I let someone pass me right near the end (unusual for me as I have an ok kick). I said to him afterwards "you just better not be the third place over 40 guy!". Of course, he was. So I finished fourth in my age group, 7 seconds off third.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Santa Cruz Firecracker 10K

Such a beautiful race, up the steep Pogonip hill. Finished in 45:31. Good for 7th out of 25.