Saturday, March 01, 2008

PCTR Skyline Ridge 23K

Although I had Napa Valley Marathon the next day, I couldn't resist a race just a few miles from my house in the Los Gatos mountains. Its also the same site (and thus good practice for) the Saratoga Gap Fatass (that I had done a few weeks before) and the Stevens Creek 50K (that I had gotten lost at last year!) Taking it an easy pace the day before a marathon should be good for longer distance training.

Before the race I got to see a bunch of familiar faces lining up for the 50K: Sean Lang, Leor Pantilat, Will Gotthardt and Ryan Commons. Ryan did me the honor of wearing my "race uniform" of black surfer shorts and orange shirt: flattering since he's become much faster than me.


Given that it was just a 23K, I headed out in front at a good clip with Leor Pantilat (who would win the 50K). I kept up a good pace through the early hills but was still passed by several runners including Sean, Ryan, and Thom Clarke. Mark Tanaka came alongside and we chatted about Kettle Moraine, which he had won last year and will be my first 100 miler.

We reached the turnaround at 50 minutes and I stopped to drink some coke and sports drink (I had no water bottle). After a mile or so, Scott Dunlap came alongside and we compared notes on fellow Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series races and competitors. He surged ahead as well. As we headed around the lake to the finish Paul Taylor caught up and I let him pass. Since he was also sans water bottle I had a suspicion we might be competing for first master in the 23K. Smelling the finish I put out a kicki encouraging him to come along as well. I finished in 1:55:50, good for third overall and first master.

Beautiful course. Fun day. I headed home to help Liz with her homework before Sunday's race in Napa.


Blogger Alistair said...

We've just changed the rules for membership into the "Masters" class. No kids, no entry :-). You are way too fit to be a tech geek and a parent, unless of course you got it over and done with at a very early age or you've out sourced the parenting bit.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Adam Blum said...

Ah, my kids are my biggest supporters and seem to like coming to my out of town races (especially the Colorado ones). There are some other fast runners successful tech geek parents in the sport as well (e.g. Scott Dunlap, Jean Pommier). So can I stay in the masters division. I do like the idea of a "parents only division" even better though.

11:26 AM  
Blogger willgotthardt said...

Good to see you pre-race Adam...I was off on the 14K for a short trainer/final tune-up prior to WTC this weekend.

I heard you looked/ran strong throughout, well done, nice result.

Will G.

3:00 PM  

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