Saturday, February 16, 2008

PCTR Sequoia 30K - Oakland, CA

I drove up to Oakland intending to do the 50K, despite my ongoing calf woes. Due to various toepad soreness the previous week, I switched to heavier shoes to protect my already sore feet from downhill rocks. This would turn out to be a mistake.


The race started at 8:30. I ran out a bit behind the lead pack. I hit the first aid station at Moon Gate at 23 minutes. Then up Tres Sendas to the French Trail. Once French Trail hit Toyon Trail a spur started. I hit this intersection right at the one hour mark.


Then down all the way to Canyon Meadow and the aid station. I was getting a hot spot from the rarely worn Terrocs. I got a couple bandaids from Bryan Wyatt. I also chatted with Garett Graubins who I had corresponded with frequently when he was editor of Trail Runner Magazine, and I was successfully pursuing winner of the Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series in 2006, but had never met.

On the way up I realized I was still feeling the hotspot despite the bandaids. So I decided to just do the 30K today. After climbing the spur I hit the West Ridge Trail (also site of the Epiphany Ultra and the Skyline 50K and the Golden Hills Trail Marathon, all of which I've done recently) moving at a good clip and encouraging all the 20Kers that I was now passing. I bombed down the last three miles from Moon Gate almost catching Ray Sanchez who was continuing on for the 50K. I finished in 2:48, eighth overall and second master.

I left to go meet Liz early for a day of shopping at Santana Row.


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