Saturday, February 26, 2005

Juana Run 8K - Palo Alto

This is a little 8K run through the streets of Palo Alto. As usual Kelly Emo was there as well. We ran together for a while, which made me think she was going out too fast. This was true as she lagged back after a couple miles. I tried to stay at 7 minute pace and finished in 34 minutes, 39 seconds for a 6:59 pace (

Sunday, February 06, 2005

San Francisco Half Marathon

On no training, my friend Frank and I drove up last minute the morning of the race. I registered just as the runners were starting and took off. Didn't push myself hard because I was worried about my training (or lack thereof). It was a sunny day this year (unlike last year's drizzle, cold and clouds). I did start to hurt a bit at 10 miles but finished in 1:44:01 (, which I was happy with given lack of distance recently.