Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vail Hill Climb - Vail CO

This 7.5 mile race climbs up the slopes of Vail Mountain in Vail. Its quite a popular race with around five hundred participants. Its been held for 31 years, and many of the participants spoke of doing it more than a dozen times. It reminded me a lot of California races like the Santa Cruz Firecracker I had just done and the Great Race 4 miler from Saratoga to Los Gatos.

Normally, an uphill only race would be exactly the kind I would want to do. I was still not acclimated though. I took it relatively easy up the hill and just tried to keep constantly running. I finished in 1:21:59.

There was quite a festival atmosphere at the top of the hill. I enjoyed the race refreshments and picked up my shirt, before riding the gondola back down to Vail village.

I plan to be here next year over the Fourth of July for races and Leadville Trail 100 training. I'll do the race again and it will be at the end of a week of acclimation. I'd hope to go around 1:10 with those conditions.


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