Saturday, June 30, 2007

PCTR Pacifica 21K - Pacifica CA

I went to this local race originally intending to do the 50K. Though I do almost all of the Pacific Coast Trail Runs, I had never run Pacifica. I don't like to race in the fog of Pacifica. And I prefer races that aren't multiple loops as this one is.

I was still battling a plenitude of minor ailments from the previous weekend's marathon and duathlon at Pacific Crest. So my goal was just to finish the 50K in any time, however slowly. With that in mind, I told Rebecca that she didn't need to crew me at this race.

I ran out slowly up the first loop up to North Peak. A lot of good climbing, nice scenery, and single track. I still didn't like the cloudy weather, but a pretty course. I was running very slowly, still very stiff from last weekend's marathon and duathlon, intending to try to do the 50K. I finished that first loop in around 1 hour and 18 minutes. I lingered in the start/finish area before going out on a second loop, eating salted potatoes and refilling my water bottle.

I then ran out on a shorter 9K loop, with two steep hills. I started to pick up the pace on these hills and passed several runners. At the top of the second hill, I picked up the pace running down. But I twisted my ankle and had to hobble down the hill for the last mile or so. Trail running is about gutting through twisted ankles and tweaked knees. And I have several experiences of the pain going away. Certainly I plan to have to do that in the future. On this day however, I gave myself a break and took the 21K finish when I came in after the second loop.


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