Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pacific Crest Olympic Duathlon - Sun River OR

Wow, a chance to do a duathlon! A sport which I love which is pretty much dead. It was worth dragging my sore and weary bones out of bed the day after the Pacific Crest Marathon for this rare opportunity.

Rebecca dropped me off at 8am at T1, which was 25 miles away from the Sun River resort (we had stashed a pair of running shoes at T2 the evening before).

getting dropped off at T1

She then took off back to the resort to participate in her 10K which was also starting at 9am. I rode my Quintana Roo Caliente tri bike (with some ancient Zipp 404 aero wheels) from where she had to drop me off to the T1 transition area.

Most of the duathlon riders had racked their bikes already, so I had to park mine at the end of the tri racks, way away from the exit. Eventually the riders started lining up to start the duathlon in waves of 2, first come, first served. For some reason (probably to simplify timing computations) they did not start the duathletes until the triathlon got underway. Rather than stand in line, I sat down in the sun next to bike and waited for the line to move through, before going out as the last rider. The first triathlete was coming out of the water just as I took off.

I felt great and passed many riders on the road back to Sun River. The course had moderate rolling hills and was quite windy. I felt fine though in my aero wheels. As was to be expected perhaps, given that its so long since I did a tri, I had a couple bike problems. The rings above the headset were loose and rattled around distractingly (probably didn't really hurt my speed). Also I couldn't quite engage the highest gear (53x11). This did actually slow me down. Nevertheless I did manage a 1:04 split (between 23 and 24mph).

I lost some time in transition looking for my shoes. They had added racks so my shoes weren't where I expected them to be. The day after a marathon at elevation I just wanted to run eight minute miles in the 10K. I managed a run split of around 47 minutes. I felt good about that.

After an excellent Broken Halo IPA, Rebecca and I headed out to drive to Portland before our trip back.


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