Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pacific Coast Trail Runs - Mount Diablo 8K

This was the third time I've done this course. Mount Diablo is my second favorite race venue in the Bay area next to the Golden Gate Headlands (Rodeo Beach, Miwok, etc.). I like the way its uphill to start, mostly single track and great views throughout. Plus Wendell and Sarah's hospitality and race organization is always unmatched.

I dropped back to the 8K on race morning despite planning to do the 50K in my continued attempt to not exacerbate my recent injuries. The fair Rebecca was volunteering for registration duty this morning, so I was glad that she let me slide on the last minute change. The 8K started 15 minutes later than the 25K and 50K. Wendell told the other runners to follow me, but I protested that I usually get lost on this course.

We headed up the immediate steep fireroad hill until the single track through the fields opened up on the left. Then rolling flats and down rutted fireroad for half a mile until it the trail appeared up to the right. Running up the single track steep hill, it eventually opened up to fireroad for yet more uphill. Around and up it seems hard to believe that its only 1200 feet of climbing. Eventually I reached the high point on the fireroad before it turns off to the right on singletrack. I'm pretty sure noone was even close behind me. But instead of dogging it like I did last week I felt like I need to put in my best effort for the whole race, regardless of whether I was being chased or not.

I hit the peak at 25:30 this year, which I remember being around the same time as last year. But this time I let myself bomb down the hill without fear. And when I leveled out on the trail, I kept up the fast. This is how to run, running without fear, with total concentration, and leaving it all on the course. Give it all and let God sort out who wins.

I finished in 42:41, about three minutes ahead of the second place finisher, and a masters record for the course.


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