Saturday, March 10, 2007

Marin Trails 10K and 20K - China Camp State Park CA

Not realizing that this race is well inside China Camp State Park in Marin, I arrived at the race just as the 20Kers were leaving, so I missed my chance to do the longer race. I went to get my number and lined up with the 10K competitors. It was a perfect, beautiful sunny morning in paradise. Will Baker-Robinson, who I had raced last week at Woodside King's Mountain was there. Its amazing to see a 12 year old race well.

The start was flat and wide for the first half mile or so. The lead pack was Andrew Lavallee Eduardo Vasquez, Will, and I. Andrew and Eduardo pulled away quickly as the broad path narrowed to singletrack. At that point I was running ahead of Will and Scott Weaver, another masters male. I felt really good. None of the groin pull pain that has plagued me for the last couple months. Although I intended this as a "training day" to save my body and mind for next week's 50K, I let out a whoop and took off, trying to put some distance between myself and Will and Scott.

We ran out at a steady pace across the gently rolling singletrack, interrupted once by a road crossing. I touched the tree of the turnaround and headed back in third place still with about 30 seconds on Will and Lynette Sweeney. Around mile four I started to flag. And I just didn't feel like I was competing with the two of them, so I let them pass and took it easy for the last couple of miles.

I finished in 43:49 as the first masters racer, about 40 seconds ahead the next runner. Will and I commented on how much more we like the steep hill runs that PCTR does. I suggested that Will should be awarded a "rubber chick" since the male and female winners get a rubber chicken.

Overall a fun run, but I won't travel that far to it next year though.


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