Saturday, December 17, 2005

Muir Beach Trail Race - 11km

This is another one of Pacific Coast Trail Runs great events in beautiful venues. It was quite cold and raining a little at the start of the race. I saw Chuck Wilson, a very experienced ultramarathoner, who used to work for me for several years ago. Its fair to say that he got me excited about the appeal of trail running. He congratulated me on last week's win and course record. I was disappointed to not see him in this race's results later for the 33k which he signed up for.

We walked down towards the Beach and headed up the Coastal Trail. There's a quick climb right at the Start. I wanted to hang with the leader and contend to win. But I just couldn't keep up with him. The attempt to do that probably cost me several minutes overall as I was spent just a mile into the race. I slowed and enjoyed the beautiful views of the ocean on the Coastal Trail. This turned into the Tennessee Valley Road and went past the turn for the return trail on the way to the first aid station. The course then had us doubling back before turning right and heading up the Fox Trail/Coastal Fire Road. On the way back from the aid station to the turn, I saw a few people turn left onto the Fox Trail directly cutting perhaps a mile off of the distance.

On the last downhill mile back to the finish, I finally heard someone catching up to me. I had to kick it in gear to avoid being passed. I finished in 1:08 for seventh overall and apparently the first old geezer to come in.


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