Saturday, November 05, 2005

Woodside Sequoia Trail 5 Miler - Huddart Park

While waiting in line to register I saw Kelly Emo (who is of course doing Treasure Island tomorrow as well). She knows I like hills so she convinced me to do the 5 miler instead of the 5K, which apparently has proportionally more climbing (1000 feet instead of 200). Five minutes after the marathoners and half-marathoners were sent off, the 5 milers were released like foxes after the hounds (the 5Kers were sent out after us). Again, this arrangement doesn't work well as we were quickly running up onto the back of the marathoners.

It was a beautiful run up the single track trail up King's Mountain.

I felt good all the way up, and seemed to be in fourth after three younger guys. I hit the turnaround at 21 minutes. Then back down, significantly slowed by the climbing marathoners. Finished in 38:13, and I think was fourth. I was pretty happy with the time given all the climbing. We'll see soon on the web site.


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