Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stanford Home Run 10K

The idea of doing one race literally right after the first one was a new one on me.  I got to the starting line just after finishing the 5K.  I wormed my way up to the front as I’m used to doing. But it was sort of pointless. I clocked the first three miles in about eight minutes a piece, running alongside Kelly, and feeling pretty tired the whole way.  At the top of the hill as we approached the three mile mark, I felt better and started to really run at a seven minute clip.   I hit the stadium at 45 minutes and finished in 46:15.   The back to back races was fun, although its not clear what its really training for.  The website had a separate category for “Ironman” (both races), but just six people (including Kelly as well) were in it.


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