Thursday, November 24, 2005

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot - 10K

I showed up at this race just after the race time of nine o'clock. Luckily it was oversubscribed and people were still filling out registration forms until well after then. There were over five hundred people in the 10K and almost one thousand in the 5K. We ran out over the mundane San Jose city streets. After the 5kers turned around we at least got a little bit of a run in a park. I tried to run a steady 6:45 pace, hit the two mile at 13:30, three miles at 20:15. But then I slowed to 7 minute pace to four miles at 27:15, five miles at 34:15, six miles at 41:15 and did the last 300 meters in a minute and a half. I finished in 42:51.

It was fun to hang around and watch the pro women and men race a 5K afterwards, but otherwise this is an unremarkable race. I'll do the Ocean Beach Turkey Trot next year.


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