Saturday, October 01, 2005

Running of the Bulls 5K

This race,, through downtown Palo Alto promised the presence of several Olympians that acted as "bulls" and "cows". It was a very competitive field with what seemed to be just about all of the Peninsula and South Bay faster short distance runners. There were gold medals for the first twenty five men and women who beat the first cow and silver medals for the next 50 finisher men and women.

I was feeling pretty tired at the start. We lined up outside up Peers Park and did a loop through the neighborhood. I turned the first mile in 6:15. I did the second mile at 13 minutes. I didn't see the third mile sign and I'm guessing I hit it at 19:30. I finished at 20:13. A bit disappointing as I'd been doing mostly sub 20 minute 5ks on the flats lately. Results at


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