Sunday, October 09, 2005

Run for Children's Hospital - Seattle

This 5K race was at Sand Point State Park, just north of UW, where several other small races are held. I felt fine at the start but hadnt run all week. I was just hoping to break twenty minutes. Its a very flat venue - no excuse for not doing so.

One of the local newscasters was also running. He asked if anyone was planning on running it in less than twenty minutes. Several runners raised their hands and perhaps I was the only old guy. So he said to the crowd that he'd be "running with me". "Yeah you in the black!". Was that a challenge?

I clocked the first flat mile in 5:55. Too fast - again!I'm still waiting for my busted Triax Elite watch replacement to come in so that I can pace better. I slowed down to do the second mile in 12:25. At this point the anchorman pulled even with me, making me realize I was going too slow. I sped up to do the third mile at nineteen even. I kicked past one guy at the end to finish in 19:37. 6:20 even pace. Not too bad given recent performance. I'm going to try to start the next mile in my next flat race in 6:20, and save the speed for the last mile.

Lots of fast guys in Seattle in general and out today - so no medals for the kids.

There was a band and Josh did a kids race afterwards. Worth doing again.


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