Sunday, September 18, 2005

Run Forrest Run 5K

How can I resist a race in Great America? Its right next door to my office at Good. Plus there's free park admission and more free tickets to Bonfante Gardens given out. Also, as the name implies, its also sponsored by Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. So there was the promise of a good postrace feed (albeit hardly earned for just a three mile jog).

I showed up just before racetime, which wasn't a problem as it started late. Forrest himself (or a Tom Hanks lookalike with about thirty extra pounds on him) sent us out. We started out running through the park walkways. I turned the first mile in 5:45 before heading back into the parking lot for the second mile. Too fast. Should have stayed at 6 minute pace. I slowed down to hit the second mile in 12 minutes. Back into the park for the third mile. I was playing cat and mouse with another guy (James Leale, luckily for me not over 40) . I tried a kick to the finish a little too early. In the maze of park paths I couldn't judge how much remained. I flagged a little allowing the guy to pull along even. A bunch of spectators crossed our paths and I had to slow down to avoid them. James and the first woman, Ute Jamrozy, pulled ahead. I finished a few seconds behind them at 19:06. A little bit better initial pacing and I would have probably finished under 19 minutes. I ended up being second of the over 40s and ninth overall. There was indeed some good barbecue and shrimp pasta and caesar salad from Bubba Gump at the finish. Yum...


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