Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bean Creek Run

This was a little race starting at Skypark in Scotts Valley, convenient to my place in the hills. There was a kids run at 8am, a 5K at 8:30 and a 10k at 9am. I planned to do the 5K and thought I could win, given that last year's race was won in 19:40 and I've been doing lots of 5Ks with that time or better.

I lined up just outside the park with the 5Kers at 8:30am, feeling a little tired from yesterday's race up Diablo. A bunch of high school kids headed out quickly along with another runner who looked to be a contender. We headed out up the hill and turned left onto Bean Creek Road. I forgot how hilly Bean Creek is, even though I've biked it many times. I tried to keep the leader in sight, and passed all but two of the high schoolers before the turnaround just before the one mile mark. I hit the one mile mark at 6:30. I then passed another high schooler and had the leader and the second place high schooler in sight. We hit the two mile back at the starting line with a cheering group of spectators. I was running at 13 minutes and feeling good. We went back through the park and back into the neighborhood behind the park. At that point I was 100 meters back from the second place guy. I started to flag, but was still reeling in the second place runner. The leader was visible but several hundred meters up and out of range for me. I was within thirty yards at the turn back into the park at the 3 mile mark. I cut the distance even further and finished within ten yards, but didnt have the energy to kick past him. my finish was 20:43, good for third.


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