Monday, August 29, 2005

Lynnwood Hi5 5K

This is a little race in Lynnwood (outside Seattle) at the Alderwood Mall. It starts with the 10K runs and 5K runners at the same starting line, but going opposite directions. The idea is that the runners are supposed to "high 5" at the start (ah, I get it now).

The start is all uphill. I took off perhaps a little too fast, but slowed down enough to do the first mile in 6:30, perhaps a little too fast given that it was all uphill. I did the second mile in another 6:30 at 13 minutes. The third mile I spotted another runner, who I knew was either the third or fourth place overall in front of me. I pushed on the uphill (my strength) and almost caught him. He surged on the downhill. With noone behind me, I slowed a bit in the last half mile to run alongside Liz, Josh and Ben, who were cheering me in, and finished in 20:48. For a hilly 5K, I was pleased with my overall time. My goal nowadays is to do flat 5Ks in under 20:00.

I ended up being the fifth overall finisher. But three of the four in front of me were over 40! No medal today! The kids were bummed. But there was lots of free food and Jamba Juice at the end as consolation prizes.


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