Sunday, August 14, 2005

Folsom International Triathlon

As I had just done Big Basin Redwoods trail run the day before, I was ambivalent about going to do this race. But I had signed up several months before and I hate to back out of previous commitments. Also I had never done this race before, and its one of a limited number of tris in the greater Bay area that I hadn't done. I drove out late Saturday to Folsom and stayed at the Larkspur Landing (I recommend this hotel which is very close to Lake Natoma).

I got up at 5am and did the quick drive over to the lake. After last week's fiasco at Sandman of getting lost in the swim with fogged up goggles, I had my Aquasphere goggles ready to use. I saw our old UI designer at Good, German Bauer at the starting line and we chatted while waiting for the old man wave.

The water was COLD, due to the American river flowing down from the Sierras into it. I started out well in the swim but got caught in quite a melee of thrashing arms. Someone caught one of the holes in my wetsuit and ripped the arm clear off! It stayed on hanging by a thread. To top it off my aquaspheres were leaking. I ended up stopping for a good several minutes to adjust my goggles and the arm on my suit. I ended up getting out of the water in 39:55, horrible. I was third to last out of the water. German was second to last, about ten minutes later.

I toyed with the idea of stopping, but decided to treat the rest of the day as a training exercise. I did the bike in 1:09, 25th out of 57 in my division. It was a nice slightly hill bike course with enough wind to make it interesting. I felt fine towards the end and comfortably did the final 10K run in 45:21, got 21st out of 57.

Not a good performance today. But I hadn't done Folsom International before so I thought I should do it. I don't plan to do it next year however. I'll probably just stick with the previous day's Folsom Mountain Bike Triathlon, which I've done well at before.


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