Sunday, May 15, 2005

24 Hours of Adrenaline- Laguna Seca

Somehow my friend Laurent convinced me to do this 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race. I must be crazy. I'm not even a mountain biker. I did the first lap on my own bike. Its a Trek OCLV hardtail. Fantastic on the climbs, but pretty skittish on the singletrack downhill. One of our teammates Dirk convinced me to ride his sweet $7000 titanium Moots for the second lap. I took it out again on my third lap. His light went out at the top of Hurl Hill. I rode down the backside in complete pitch blackness wiping out several times of course. I was covered with blood when I got back out. I left after that lap.

Our team (Team FrenchCalifornianGerman Superheros) came in 11th out of 32 in the 200+ agegroup category. Results at

Bought a new Fox Reba racing fork and plan to ride in the early spring while running races are rarer. If that happens I'll consider doing this again.


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